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The Team

Ian K. Segebarth

Owner and Expedition Leader

The founder and owner of Rainshadow Expeditions, Ian has spent the past decade traveling and guiding in over 40 countries, covering every continent. He has a background in conservation biology and environmental science, which has fueled his passion for nature and exploration. Ian is a highly experienced scuba instructor and technical cave diver, and has completed thousands of dives all over the world, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Antarctica, and the Caribbean. He is also a contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine, and his film work has appeared on Discovery Channel and BBC. Ian personally leads all of our trips, and he will provide photographic advice on these expeditions. In addition to guiding, Ian still has ongoing research and exploration in numerous locations around the world, and he will be happy to share his expertise on these topics.


Douglas Cotrina

Director of Operations in Peru

An Engineer of Renewable Natural Resources, Douglas has spent the last 10 years as the Head Officer at Tabaconas Namballe National Sanctuary in Peru. During this time he managed many conservation efforts and guided many successful trips with his knowledge in reforestation and environmental education. He is passionate about research regarding endangered species and climate change. Specializing in Lepidoptera, he has particular interest in conservation biology and the use of butterfly ranching as an alternative means of income in buffer zones. He also focuses on techniques of measuring carbon captures in tropical and coniferous forests and its effects on the world’s natural protected areas. He is fluent in both Spanish and English, making him a great asset to the team.

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