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A Voyage to the Antarctic Circle on Board the M/V Plancius

February 26 - March 11, 2019

Starting at $10,750/person

Join us on a journey to the great southern continent. Antarctica is a place like no other. Unique animals and otherworldly landscapes await the visitor to this harsh but beautiful location. On board our comfortable expeditionary vessel, the MV Plancius, we will explore this vast region, and venture south towards the polar circle. At this point in the season, ice pack should be at its lowest, allowing us the best chance to venture this far south. Along the way we will encounter numerous penguin species, skuas, gulls, whales (including humpbacks and orcas), seals, and many other animals. The expeditionary style of this trip means that we will spend the maximum time possible on shore at each of the locations we visit. Our guides are experts on Antarctica and will ensure that we have an unforgettable experience!

Download Full Brochure:

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